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Our focus on serving customers has convinced the industry’s leading manufacturers and service providers to partner with us. 

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Career Changers USA provides training that improves sales from the floor, through F&I, and even in your service department. Our goal is to deliver consistent, high-quality sales training using flexible delivery options that meet your dealership needs. We understand dealers, because we have “been there, done that” – being former dealership owners who rose through the ranks starting from the floor. And now we bring our management “lessons learned” to your dealership.

Dave Markley:

Isn’t the future of your business worth our no risk program?

35+ Years in the auto industry. From Janitor to General Manager.  20 Group consultant, contracts with multiple franchise. Excellent Process coach / consultant / trainer, with over 500 presentations, groups 2 persons to 100, with dealers nationwide.

Dave Markley


Certified Service Consultants & Advisors

With an ultra–competitive new car market it has never been more important to maximize your service department profitability. Where warranty work use to represent 70% of the service done at dealerships, today that figure has fallen to about 20% because of the higher quality in the manufacturing process. Dealerships need to offer a better service experience in an effort to capture customer loyalty.

Dealerships are expanding their marketing campaigns to draw customers into their shop for service. Such advertising campaigns as Ford with “America’s Newest Tire Store” and GM’s “Good Wrench Service Plus” are just two such examples.

Most dealerships are aggressively implementing programs to increase more revenues and customer retention through their service department. Dealerships continually examine a diversified range of automotive products and services, including new and used vehicles, automotive repair services, and automotive finance and insurance products. Some dealerships are experiencing that only 20% of new car owners return for customer pay repair services. Many dealerships have implemented customer perks in an effort to entice new car buyers to return to them. Many of these programs fail because of an inability to show or provide what the customer perceives as a true value in having their vehicle serviced at the dealerships.

Common to lack-luster service department performance is improperly trained employees, bad recruiting, or high employee turn-over. Career Changers USA provides innovative programs that solve the crux of failing service departments… properly trained and motivated employees. If a customer asks, “What is the benefit of having my car serviced by the dealer instead of my local mechanic?” will they get the same answer from sales, F&I, and service? How would your staff answer this question?

Certified Service Technicians

Career Changers USA has had great success finding “A” ,”B”, “C” Techs for dealers all around the country… At a cost you will find extremely reasonable.

Our goal is simple. We create a service department to be proud of!

Automotive Service Training: Course Overview

Long Term Customer Service

Both new and used vehicles — it’s about creating loyalty, repeat and referral sales.

Selling Vehicles In Service

Some of the greatest sales opportunities reside in the customers who service with you.

Effective Customer Write Up

Proper communication, strong presentation, and building rapport that creates lasting commitment.

Servicing All Makes & Models

When applicable, It is a great opportunity for increasing profits and long term sales.

Effective Up-Sell Process

Proper presentation in showing concerns for drivability and safety.

Low To No-Tech Turn Over

Best practices in the industry to increase automotive technician retention.

Improve Effective Volume

Build a great customer service experience and increase volume on multiple levels.

Communication & Presentation

Maximizing opportunities to build rapport and help customer understand……..

Improve Department Profit

Analyze and manage Volume, Gross and Expenses will maximize profits.

On average, Career Changers USA produces results in the first 120 days:


Increase In Service Department Profits


Increase In Returning Service Customers


Increase In Auto Sales From The Service

Our goal is simple. We create automotive professionals.

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How We Will Improve Volume

Service introduction, Good Communication, Good Presentation, Build Long term Customer Loyalty for New, Used, Other Products, Effective up sale process, proper follow up during and after. Coaching, training, and more

How we help you achieve low to no tech turn over

Implementing proven success methods to have them stay long term.

How do we create longterm returning customers

Great Communication, Quality work, Good follow up, best practice pricing and marketing strategies, “Active” reasons for returning and telling others about their experience.

How we improve your Service Departments CSI

Active Quality, Communication and follow up.

How we will show you how to improve profits

Getting everyone involved in expense control, growth in gross and volume.