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Career Changers USA provides training that improves sales from the floor, through F&I, and even in your service department. Our goal is to deliver consistent, high-quality sales training using flexible delivery options that meet your dealership needs. We understand dealers, because we have “been there, done that” – being former dealership owners who rose through the ranks starting from the floor. And now we bring our management “lessons learned” to your dealership.

Larry Feldman:

One Consultation will change Everything. Isn’t the future of your business worth a conversation

Career Changers USA is comprised of seasoned professionals with a lifetime of experience in the car business. We are previous dealer owners, GM’s, top sales performers, F&I experts, and service department managers and mechanics. We also have business interests and investments in training, technology, transportation, and real estate. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Training and Recruiting New Automotive Sales Employees

We recruit and train salespeople for dealers and are uniquely qualified to do so. We know what we always expected from our salespeople and have tailored a training program to do just that for our clients. Of course, there is never a charge to any applicant.

Just think about what you currently pay for; the cost of advertising, the quality of candidate, the time that has to be dedicated to phone response, reading résumés, interviewing, training, etc. Don’t forget the time taken from the sales floor, the interruptions, possible missed sales, etc. Career Changers USA will properly train your new employees, and retrain any existing employees you wish to retain. Our results are FAST & EFFECTIVE, and GUARANTEED TO WORK!

Let Career Changers USA improve your business today without interrupting your day-to-day business!

Sales Training That Will Make A Lasting Difference 

Our motivational training combines one-on-one sessions with group settings. They not only allow us to create a rock-solid sales process, but also address the specific needs of each salesperson. Our classes are fun, relevant and interactive, so we have no problem holding participant attention and, more importantly, causing them to “buy in.” This leads to a desire to embrace training and stronger learning retention, which will bring better results. We consult and integrate with your management team to make sure what we implement will continue to perpetuate, and that everything works with your process.

Career Changers USA is Guaranteed To Shape Up Your Sales Team

Automotive Sales Training: Course Overview


How to use social media, personal relationships and existing customers to fill your showroom.

The Meet and Greet

People form an impression of who they want to buy from in 30 seconds.

Build Quality & Rapport

We will teach your sales force how to listen their way into the sale.

Identify Needs & Show Choices

Make the customer want to purchase from you by giving them what they’re looking for. 

The Walk Around

How to use the second most neglected part of the sales process to reinforce desires.

The Demo Ride

The proper way to build value with this most powerful sales tool

Value & Price Negotiation

Showing how to build enough passion and logic so the price becomes secondary.

Vehicle Delivery Process

Customers so comfortable that they will reward you with great CSI, repeat sales & referrals.

Customer Follow-Up

Growing sales and profits by always contacting sold and unsold customers.

On average, Career Changers USA produces results in the first 30 days:


Increase In Monthly Vehicles Sold


Increase In Monthly Gross Revenue


Increase In 5-Star Reviews

Our goal is simple. We create automotive professionals.

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Why should I spend money on training?

If you spend money advertising why would you want to bring in customers to meet salespeople who are not properly equipped to help them.

My people don't want to train. What do you do differently?

We engage on a different level than ANY other training program. While we emphasize process, we make it fun and really show salespeople how to run their business inside of yours, ensuring success.  Please check our references.

I've been here 15 years, why do I need training?

Everyone needs training to remind and reinforce and hopefully understand how profitable and fun it is to seek constant improvement. By the way, how many cars a month are you selling? How much repeat and referral business? Are you earning as much as you can?

The last training had no lasting effect.

We will follow up with your salespeople and, more importantly, tie in with your managers.

How is the retention on your sales hires?

Very good. We realistically prepare them for the worst, as well as the best —and when the managers buy in, we really get outstanding results.