The internet has made it possible for automotive customers to become more educated and well informed than in the history of the industry. While this is undoubtedly the case, it is also true that the automotive business is constantly evolving. Studies reveal that the average car-buyer now spends about 14 hours researching before they purchase a vehicle. They enter a dealership and presume that they will be met with someone who has (at least) the same amount of knowledge they do about their intended purchase. This is why it is more important than ever that dealers be certain that their sales force are trained to be as up-to-date and can advise a customer with a knowledge base that exceeds their own. 

In order to keep your sales staff one step ahead of your shoppers, it’s essential to include the following in their training:

  • The unique value proposition of a vehicle
  • The features of each make and model
  • The options offered on every vehicle
  • A vehicle’s certifications — and what they specifically mean
  • The ability to make comparisons to your competitive models, in defense of price

Industry surveys reveal that over 75% of auto dealers have hired salespeople with absolutely no automotive experience whatsoever, and over 60% claim they’ve hired people with any type of sales background. Keeping your sales force well trained and informed will not only arm them with the information they need, but it will also instill confidence, empower them, and teach them the essential skills to avoid failure.

Hiring salespeople who are inexperienced and not providing them with proper training in sales processes and customer approach will result in not only a high rate of employee turnover, but also greatly reduced ability to meet sales goals.

What’s more, the average cost of recruitment, training and loss of productivity in the automotive business is approximately $45,000. This further bolsters the need for proper training, because if salespeople are not well trained and do not feel prepared, they are doomed to fail — and this can cause a dealership tremendous losses.

By investing in the proper employee training and professional development, salespeople will experience a significant increase in product & process knowledge, job satisfaction, customer engagement and overall organizational loyalty.

Career Changers USA not only provides dealerships with educational processes that address traditional selling (i.e. face-to-face engagement), but we also embrace the digital age by instructing sales professionals how to embrace the latest technologies for a more thorough interactive customer experience (i.e. email, social media, video, text).

In addition, using Career Changers USA’s successful role-playing processes to train your salespeople will allow you to test their core competencies in:

  • Product knowledge
  • Sales skills
  • Company knowledge (values, mission, etc)
  • Customer handling/service at the dealership
  • Onboarding training
  • Internal systems and processes
  • Automotive compliance training 
  • Marketing content