F & I Training is Critical to Dealership Success

F&I can be the Last Impression you Leave

F&I is pivotal to your dealership’s profits. Your F&I team not only delivers the vehicle, but they should leave customers feeling that you care about them, create customer loyalty, and influence customer decisions to return to your dealership for service. Career Changers USA understands the critical role F&I serves in the overall profits and health of your dealership. Our F&I training results in producing an “A Team” that has your customers leaving happy, comfortable, and returning for service and repeat sales. This is extremely important because F&I leaves the last impression on your customer.

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Proper sales training puts the customer in front of your F&I staff. For most buyers, the F&I experience is unpleasant and customers enter the F&I room with a negative attitude. Simply put, they aren’t going to have any F&I product forced on them. F&I Training from Career Changers USA makes the F&I experience rewarding for dealers and customers. Our training shows your staff how to make the buyer feel comfortable while quickly identifying customer needs. This approach enables F&I staff to present the right products at the right time to customers – turning a negative customer attitude into deep customer loyalty and repeat business.


Our F&I training teaches your staff to quickly identify customer needs and focus on presenting the right products overcoming their preconceived notions that all you are trying to do is make more money. By properly explaining why you have identified certain F&I options for each customer, they feel relaxed and recognize that you are looking after their best interest and helping them to protect their investment.

F&I Training = customer satisfaction, loyalty, increased profits, and return business!