Increase Sales and Profits

Are you ready... make more money? You want to grow your business and make money. We get it! Taking a quote from Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, “Making money is fun.” We can help your dealership grow profits by improving brand awareness, increasing market penetration, gaining new customers, encouraging repeat customers, and establishing a customer rewards program. We have merged our Subject Matter Expertise with the Enterprise Business Network provided by Praxis Technologies, Inc. ( The result is a powerful tool that enables you to easily implement successful programs for Customer Loyalty, Customer Rewards, and New Customer Acquisition.

Offering great products, services, and financing are imperative for business survival. However, to beat your competition you need differentiators that give you greater market exposure, customer leads, and help you close deals. Let us show you how our experience and successful track record can grow your sales!

How we Help

We can provide:
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Affiliate Program
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Internet-based and Mobile Marketing
  • Instant Channel Distribution
  • Increased Brand Awareness
Now there’s a better way

To help you retain and increase customers, we have established the Career Changers Advantage program in partnership with the Enterprise Business Network by Praxis Technologies, Inc. ( Career Changers Advantage gives your business quick and affordable access to businesses and consumers within your market area. We can increase your brand recognition, market penetration, customer loyalty, and most importantly, sales and profits. Not only can you increase sales, but instead of incurring a per sale mark-up fee, you can actually be paid for increasing your customer base! Don’t hesitate. You are losing sales opportunities if you are not part of the Career Changers Advantage Program. Contact us today!

It costs you nothing

Our members are automatically enrolled in the Business Network Advantage Program at no charge. Within minutes, your business is exposed to thousands of businesses through the SquawkinIt internet-based and mobile marketing venues. Don’t waste time! Get started today!