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Happy Customers are Returning Customers!Career Changers USA is comprised of seasoned professionals with a lifetime of experience in the car business. We are previous dealer owners, GM’s, top sales performers, F&I experts, and service department managers and mechanics. We also have business interests and investments in training, technology, transportation, and real estate. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

One of the problems that continue to plague dealerships is the struggle to develop and retain staff members who can consistently deliver high-level performance. It starts in your sales department. If your staff doesn’t develop a positive relationship with a potential customer from the first introduction, it could be a life time loss.

Career Changers USA was started to help dealerships improve their operations, profits, and brand. We have developed and delivered fixed-cost training solutions that repeatedly yield success. We are so confident in what we do, and the results you will get, that we guarantee our performance. This means, with Career Changers USA, you have everything to gain. Isn’t the future of your business worth our no risk program?


Meet our Training Experts

Charlie Wightman, Business Manager and Trainer

John Kelley, Business Development Ellece Pressman, Administration Trainer Technology Management and Innovation

Charlie Wightman

John Kelley

Ellece Pressman
Larry Feldman
Kaydon Stanzione

Mike Madenfort, F&I Trainor

Tony Tulino, Marketing Expert

You get EVERYTHING your need to Train for SUCCESS!                   
Mike Madenfort
Tony Tulino

Charlie Wightman: U. S. Army Veteran and 34 year veteran of the Auto Industry Salesperson, Sales Manager, New and Used Car Manager, Finance Manager, General Sales Manager, General Manager Multiple Achievement and Master Manager Awards Consistent top producer on the sales floor Respected trainer and leadership advisor; Among the numbers are countless successful salespeople, many have become successful Managers and General Managers. Some from as long as 25 years ago still call for advice. Strong believer in commitment and dedicated work ethic. A true, "just do it", attitude.Always chooses to do whatever it takes.

John Kelley: John has a 40 year background in financial and business management. He served as President of the New York Futures Exchange, a subsidiary of the New York Stock Exchange and later formed J.F. Kelley and Company, a member firm of the New York Futures Exchange. He later served as President of the Chase Manhattan Futures Corporation, a global futures brokerage firm and wholly owned subsidiary of the Chase Manhattan Bank. He left to form his own company which he took public. John is responsible for expanding the role of the company to make them a national leader in the automotive training business.

Ellece Pressman: 20 years auto dealership experience working in Titles and Motor Vehicle Administrator, Payroll Supervisor, Office Manager, H.R. Manager, Administrative Trainer, Auto Salesperson, Finance and Insurance Manager, Assistant General Manager.

Larry Feldman - 24 years in the auto industry, from salesperson to manager, GM and owner. Consistantly at the top in sales performance 25 cars plus per month performer. CSI Award winner. Cadillac Sales Advisory Council Member. Raised Cadillac franchise from 14th in zone to # 2 in 90 days. Took Hyundai franchise to # 1 in zone. Brings to the table unlimited energy, enthusiasm and a winners attitude. Will always find a way to not just get the job done, but done the right way.

Kaydon Stanzione: 30 years design, development, and operations in transportation and technology industries. He is former race car builder, flight test engineer and pilot, and educator at various universities. He has built and operates large-scale advanced technology platforms for passenger vehicles and commercial car and truck fleets. Formerly worked for US Special Operations and large transport vehicle manufacturers. His responsibilities include implementing innovative technology solutions that maximize the effectiveness of training and education.

Mike Madenfort: Mike has over 24 years of automotive industry experience. He has been a salesperson, F&I Manager, F&I Director, new and used car Manager, GSM and GM and has been a successful wholesaler. He was a top producer as a salesperson in gross and units and led the nation in F&I PVR for the Budget Corporation. He has trained hundreds of successful F&I managers throughout the country. He has trained salespeople, sales managers, F&I managers and even General Managers. He brings a vast knowledge of front and back end of a dealership.

Tony Tulino: 38 years in the Auto Industry consisting of 17 yrs in Retail and 21 in Marketing and Advertising. Tony has extensive experience with Special Finance Dealers as a Consultant with emphasis on Special Finance Marketing. This includes Leads, Direct Mail, Craiglist postings, Trigger Mailers, BK Mailers, and AVA (Artificial Intelligence BDC Marketing). He also has developed innovative Service Department Programs that can increase dealers NET NET by up to 40% or more!

Business Advantage

We help our customers make money by including them in in our Business Network Advantage program that increases market penetration, helps to gain new customers, encourages repeat customers, and establishes a customer rewards program. Here’s a sample of network members:

 - - automatically creates online addressable marketing campaigns which support customer loyalty and affiliate programs.
 - - create and deliver mobile marketing text messaging campaigns in real-time for special deals and announcements.
 - - subscription-based mobile communications for any vehicle: vehicle security, operations management and control, turn-by-turn navigation, emergency response, travel management services, hands free calling, and remote diagnostics worldwide.
 - - commercial-grade subscription-based mobile tracking and communications for powered or unpowered assets such as tractor-trailers, intermodal containers, rail cars, heavy equipment, power generators, off-shore vessels, and other assets.
 - - when traveling to the Jersey Shore, check us out for discount deals, coupons, special events, and timely entertainment and news.

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